Tuesday, December 6, 2011

An examination of life . . .

Blessed final exam, O Muslims
May the exam which is only part of a course make you think realistically and for long-term

make you realize the relationship 
between the immediate and the future 

this world and the Next
your last-minute and thoughtful preparations
the assignments that you submitted
and the grades that you earned
but did not deserve 

between quick lessons that you obtained during the semester 
and their potential impact on future semesters
and what you have in your soul
and the quality of your relationship with Allah 

For … final examinations are only a small part of your degree program
it is a smaller part of your life as student 
it is the smallest part of your entire life as a Muslim/ah or

With a fortnight of episodes called final examinations 
hopefully you know where you stand
what you have probably achieved
and what you could have accomplished
and what you should be aiming for 
throughout your biological life 

Let's pray for your welfare
which must be accompanied by your industry and perseverance and unyielding striving
Let’s pray that you will not forget about your Deen
and your fellow Muslims elsewhere
Nothing is ever insignificant when it affects the Deen
Taken from my email sent by my friend. May everything be fine for all of us ^_^

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