Saturday, July 16, 2011

Bersih 3.0?

Prime Minister Najib’s government rode roughshod over thousands of Malaysians exercising their right to peaceful protest.
This violent repression by the Royal Malaysian Police flies in the face of international human rights standards, and cannot be allowed to continue. Any future peaceful demonstrations should be permitted and respected by the authorities.

The British government shouldn’t reward this brutality by rolling out a red carpet for Malaysia’s prime minister. David Cameron should tell Prime Minister Najib that these human rights violations against peaceful reform protesters are unacceptable.

Amnesty International is also calling on the Vatican to press Najib to respect human rights when the Malaysian leader visits Rome later this week.

The use of force by police at this rally was excessive, unnecessary and designed to instil fear.

-Donna Guest, Deputy Director for the Asia-Pacific at Amnesty International.-

hm.... bersih 3.0?

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